The Symposion Board ‘18-’19

Now the Institute of Philosophy has settled into the beautiful P.J.Veth building and the first class of Philosophy: global and comparative perspectives students has obtained its propedeuse, everyone is at the start of a new academic year.

The Symposion board ‘18-’19 welcomes all first year students and hopes they will feel at home soon in Leiden, at the study and at Symposion!

The board of ’17-’18

After a lot of preparations, the Symposion Board of 2017-2018 took office on the 6th September. With great enthousiasm, they set sail for the coming year. While adhering to the ideas of the previous board, they hope to progress the established committee-structure and the website. The newly founded House System will also get their full attention.

Left to right: Jesse Dijkstra, Yorick Voskamp, Koen van Leeuwen, Alize de Vries en Pascal de Vrijer