The committees are an important part of Symposion and the place where our active members help Symposion to organize events, develop new ideas and keep our study association running. Members can join one or more of these committees, developing new skills and having a great time together. We aim to make all committees a combination of students of the bachelor Philosophy: global and comparative perspectives and the bachelor Filosofie. Therefore, joining a committee is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students!

Every committee consists of a number of members, who are permitted to run a part of our association independently. Almost all committees will be formed at the start of each academic year. In order to explore your options, the board will organise a Committee Market, where you can get information on all committees. Here, you will be able to talk to members who have helped Symposion last year and you will have the opportunity to sign up for the committee that suits you best!

Almost all committees are accessible for both experienced and non-experienced members who are interested in a new experience.

If you are interested in joining one of these committees, please visit this page. If you have any questions about those committees, you can fill out a contact form.


The EJW, the dutch acronym for First Years Weekend, is our yearly event at the start of each academic year. This weekend is the perfect opportunity for first years to get to know each other, senior students and Symposion. The program, completely cared for by the EJW-Committee, consists of a bunch of fun activities full of philosophy, sports and games!

Led by the first years assessor of the Symposion board, the EJW-Committee will be responsible for organising the first years weekend of ‘19-’20. Specifically this will mean helping to find a suitable location, composing the program and managing the weekend itself. Organizing a whole weekend for a group of people offers both a fun and valuable experience!

Web Committee

The Web Committee is the committee which manages the Symposion website. The website is the main hub for all the information you need about Symposion, such as upcoming activities, articles and pictures.

As a member of the Web Committee you will primarily be working on both keeping the website in working order and writing new pieces to add to it. Since the website is central to our communication with our members, it is essential that is stays up-to-date. In doing so, everyone will be informed about all that’s going on at Symposion!

The Web Committee is always looking for new members who are excited to write, photograph or program. Are you interested in joining this committee or do you want more information? Please let us know!

First Years Committee

The First Years Committee is made of and for first year philosophy students! This committee keeps in mind the interests and wishes of the first year students, while organizing multiple different events for all the members of Symposion throughout the year.

These events have a wide range, from a pub quiz or escape room to a lecture or a debate. The First Years Committee has the freedom to create their own activities, as long as they don’t go over budget. Joining this committee offers a chance to develop yourself, both personally and as a team, and to learn how to organise and promote events.

Winter Dinner Committee

Each December we like to end the year with our fellow philosophers during the so-called Winterdinner! This popular feast is the moment we all come together to eat, have some drinks and discuss our plans for the year to come.

The Winter Dinner Committee is responsible for organising this memorable evening. The committee gets a budget from Symposion in order to accomplish this. After that, the members can start looking for a location, brainstorming about the menu and shopping for decorations! They will have full freedom in making these decisions, as long as it will be a fun evening for all who attend. On the night itself the members of the committee are there to make sure everything runs smoothly, and of course, have fun themselves!

Please note: this committee is only active during the first semester, and not the whole year!

Study Trip Committee

In the academic year of 2018-2019 Symposion will organize its first study trip! The trip will be organised by the Study Trip Committee, supported by the board. The members of this committee will be responsible for making the program, finding a suitable accommodation and reaching out to universities abroad. We are sure the trip will be a success! Additionally, the Study Trip Committee will organize a few city trips in the Netherlands during the year, to offer a fun and educational experience for all who choose to partake.

We are looking for motivated and enthusiastic first years and senior students, who want to be part of this important committee. Are you interested in joining this committee or do you want more information? Please let us know!

Treasury Committee

The Treasury Committee checks the work of the treasurer of Symposion. The treasurer is responsible for the financial health of Symposion and the treasury committee is its controlling factor. The members need to make sure the treasurer does his or her work properly.

The Treasury Committee will present its verdict at the end of each board year during the General Assembly of Members (ALV, Algemene Leden Vergadering, in Dutch). The committee is usually formed internally, so the members will be chosen by the board.