Overview December 2018

Philosophers on ice
12th of December, 16.00-19.00, Nieuwe Rijn

Each year, lots of people go to the Nieuwe Rijn in Leiden to enjoy something we can’t do everyday in the Netherlands: ice skating. We decided that we should check it out this year too and have our very own afternoon of philosophers on ice! If you feel like showing off your skating skills, stretching your legs for a bit, or just enjoying the dreamy scenery, then make sure to join us. The costs will be at your own expense, but it is definitely going to be worth it!

Symposion’s 18th karaoke birthday party!!!
13th of December, 21.00-00.00, Bad Habits, Pelikaanstraat 64

Last, but definitely not least, Symposion is officially reaching adulthood this year; we are turning 18! We are very pleased to be able to share this wonderful occasion with our members, as this calls for some serious partying. And how better to celebrate than with some good old-fashioned karaoke? We plan to make it an official party, which means a cake, decorations, lots of lovely (at some point probably very drunken) philosophers, good atmosphere and what not. We hope to see everyone there and make it a spectacular evening!