Monthly drinks
3rd of April, 20.00-23.00, cafe De Vergulde Kruik

The monthly drinks are right around the corner. Next to our usual get-together, we will take a moment to announce the location of Symposion’s very first study trip! Keep an eye out on our Facebook for further information. For now, let’s get our philosophy crew together coming Wednesday to catch up and recharge for the final part of this academic year. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

General Meeting + Board interest drinks
11th of April, 19.30-22.00, cafe De Keyzer

As was announced in an earlier email, we would like to have our members vote on (hopefully) the approval of the Statutes. This is the top priority of this meeting, next to a general update and evaluation of the year so far (and any other topics that you might want to discuss with the board). To make it extra interesting, we’ve decided to host board interest drinks right after the general meeting. Although it doesn’t feel like it at all, the academic year is drawing to a close and that means we need to start looking out for the next, fresh group of enthusiastic philosophers that want to continue the Symposion board membership. If you’re interested, make sure to join both the General Meeting and the drinks (it’ll make a good impression on us)!

Faculty Party 2019
17th of April, 23.00-3.00, Club-Hifi Leiden, costs €4,-

The Faculty Party is a yearly event organized by a committee consisting of members from various study associations and this year, our very own Assessor Max Dijk has been among the active members of the committee! All our members are hereby invited to come to the party (we wouldn’t want Philosophy to be underrepresented, now would we?) The evening will be hosted at the Club-Hifi Leiden and tickets can be bought in the Lipsius building across the lobby (from April 1st till April 3rd and from the 15th till the 17th between 11.00 and 15.00 for €4,-). It is not a Symposion-only event, nevertheless, we hope to see you there!