Auteur: Gijs Mesman

Podcastion Professor Episode 3

Asian representation and controlling images in media

In this episode we talk with Professor Jingjing Li about the effect of mainstream media in perpetuating controlling images, in particular that of Asian-American women and men. We ask whether or not an image can be successfully changed by media representation, leading us to have a conversation about capitalism, emasculation and hyper-sexualization in movies such as “Crazy Rich Asians“ and the Netflix produced reality show “Bling Empire“.

Podcastion Student Episode 3

“We are Grapes”

In this episode of Podcastion, Jochem, Aesha and Nathan discuss various topics, related to neuroscience and philosophy. They try to bridge a gap between the two disciplines, discussing things such as schizophrenia, child development and loosely related ideas such as memes VS genes.

Podcastion Student Episode 3

Counterfactuals and Time Travel

In this episode of Podcastion, Hannah and Pepijn discuss the book “Time and Time Again,” with professor Rosa Runhardt, in order to better understand counterfactuals, but also the relation between time travel and philosophy. In the book “Time and Time Again,” the main character – Hugh Stanton – travels back in time to 1914 to kill Franz Ferdinand, in order to prevent the Great War. This leads to a plethora of ideas about causality – whether we can say anything about it, counterfactuals – the “what if’s” of the world, feminism, and eventually the merits of science-fiction and fantasy as thought experiments.

Podcastion Student Episode 2

Process Metaphysics

In this second episode, Sven and Kian talk about process metaphysics. After a brief historical background sketch of process philosophy, they discuss how the problem of explaining both permanence and change is a challenge for substance and process metaphysicians alike, but suggest that the latter have a better shot at solving it. Then, faced with the inadequacy of language for capturing a process view of the world, they will consider some metaphilosophical issues related to being bound by the human perspective.

Podcastion Professor Episode 1

Interactive Fiction

In the first episode of the Professor podcast part of Podcastion, Sven and Lotte talk to Victor Gijsbers about one of his passions: Interactive Fiction! Interactive Fictions are somewhere in between a text-based game and a story, and many varieties of IF’s have been made throughout the years. We talk about why Gijsbers likes Interactive Fiction, what it is, and even about “Turandot,” one if the IF’s he wrote himself. Come listen to enjoy us philosophizing about games, stories, tabletop RPG’s and more!

Podcastion Student Episode 1

Why Philosophy?

The central question Sven and Albert discuss in this first episode is “Why philosophy?” They contemplate why philosophy is worth spending your time on, be it informally or academically. Along the way, they touch on different conceptions of what philosophy is, from Plato’s preparation for death to Deleuze’s concept building. They further talk about why they themselves do philosophy and why they believe studying non-Western philosophies is valuable.