Your Symposion membership gives you great discount on all your (study)books at Athenaeum Bookshop! Here we will explain how this works.

  • The book market always takes place at the start of each semester. You can order your books until January 28, 23:59 (11:59pm).
  • Athenaeum Bookshop gives a 10% discount on most Dutch titles and 15% on all non-Dutch titles!
  • Members order and pay their books through Athenaeum Bookshop.
  • All ordered books will be distributed on February 4th from 12pm until 4pm by Symposion in the Common Room of the P.J. Veth building. Please don’t forget to have a valid ID with you, when you collect your books.
  • Books can be returned at Symposion two weeks at the latest after receiving them, if still in good condition. Athenaeum will then refund the total purchase price.
  • Go to this site and search for Symposion in the list to see the books for next semester!

Don’t forget! In addition to our regular book market, we can also offer you a discount on all non-Dutch books at Athenaeum thoughout the year. The standard discount is 10%, but every two weeks before and after the start of each semester this is 15%. Use this code to activate the discount: AMDiscount.

So don’t hesitatie to look around their website or visit their shop in Amsterdam (het Spui) or Haarlem (Roetersstraat)!