Filogang is a platform on which philosophy students from Leiden University can post both formal and non-formal essays and papers. Students from both tracks post here, as is visible in the variety of articles available already: from Western Ethics to Buddhist theories. Everyone who studies either Filosofie or Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives is encouraged to join! Filogang aims to give philosophy students a place where they can post their thoughts for others students (or non-students) to read, and to have an archive of things the students have written over the years. This way, we can all keep up with what everyone is writing and thinking other than talking to each other at a bar or during class! The aim is to really create a community of philosophers who are engaged with their own thinking and that of others. The articles posted on here are a mixture of papers written for university that people felt they wanted to share, and shorter essays or papers written in spare time about a topic that student was particularly engaged with. Have a read through what has been posted, and if you are a student yourself, I encourage you to post something yourself! Articles can be in either Dutch or English! If you want to join, send an email to