Study trip 2022

  “I regard the whole of Copenhagen as a great party. But on one day I regard myself as the host who goes and talks to all the many invitees, my dear guests; on the next day I imagine that it is some great man who is giving the party and I am a guest.” 

“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

– Kierkegaard

This April we can find out together whether Kierkegaard was right about the city of Copenhagen or not. Now that corona measures are, hopefully, behind us we are proud to announce that the first ever Symposion study trip will be in Denmark. In the weekend of April 1-4 we will take in everything Copenhagen has to offer. We will all stay together in a hostel and we will have a whole weekend worth of fun as well as educational activities. Most of the activities will of course have a special focus on the wisest Dane that has ever lived: Søren Kierkegaard.

Tickets for the study trip are now available with the final ticket price of 115 euro! This means that early-birds can get theirs now for only 105 euroEarly bird tickets (105 euro) are available until they sell out. Unfortunately, early bird tickets have sold out! Regular ticket sign-ups (115 euro) close on the 9th of March.

For a regular ticket:

You need to book your own transport, so we can’t guarantee a price. If you are taking the plane, your total trip price will be estimated at around 115 + 80 = 195 euro. If you have a car or can find a car to go with using the carpool, your total trip price will be estimated at around 115 + 50 = 165 euro. Extra costs not included will be your food (aside from some meals we provide) and any optional activities or transport you want to use inside the city. We’ll be providing information on how you can do this in the cheapest way. For example, there are some very good bike rentals in Copenhagen, but the center is also very walkable.

What about the Covid-19?

Denmark currently has no coronavirus restrictions. If you are not vaccinated nor having a proof of recovery, you have to do one free test after arrival, and currently you have to pay for a negative antigen (or PCR) test in order to return.

What do you get for the ticket price?

Included in the ticket are three nights of accommodation at Steelhouse Copenhagen (8,8 rating on hostel world with a great location), one free dinner in the hostel and free breakfast every morning provided by the committee, kitchen use for making your own lunch or dinners there, one museum entry (options to be provided), Kierkegaard activities, such as a tour and a lecture, and a boat tour. We will use any money left over after paying for these activities to sponsor a restaurant visit or provide free drinks. The trip also includes many free and optional activities, such as a Philosophy Night with Danish students, pub crawl and city exploring. None of these are definitive, but you can be sure to get your money’s worth.

How do we get to Copenhagen?

If you want to travel with the rest of the group, you can either take the plane or try to find a car to go with using our carpool. Plane tickets are currently 80 euros retour (the price as seen on the 22d of February). The plane takes 1,5 hours and arrives on Friday night, leaving on Monday evening.

Taking a car will cost you around 50 euros in fuel cost per person. The car takes around 9 hours to get to Copenhagen. You could leave on Friday to arrive on Friday evening as well, or choose to leave Thursday and stop over in Hamburg, getting to Copenhagen in the afternoon. If you have a car you can use for this trip or you can drive, you will be very welcome in the carpool. We can’t guarantee there will be enough cars and drivers for everyone to go. You can also take an alternative transport (train or bus). As soon as you’ve bought your ticket, our head of transport will be in touch with you, send you all the information you need and add you to the group-chats for your choices. (Your preference on this form doesn’t have to be your final choice, and if you’re not sure we can also help you with this.)

Please note: the hostel does not accept guests who are under 18. Unfortunately this means, you can’t get this ticket if you’re a minor. If you still want to come on the trip, you can reach out to the committee- perhaps we can think of something together.

As always, reach out with any questions!


Head of transport – Sammy Lee (+31648431287)

Co-chair – Gijs Mesman (+31640243088)

Co-chair – Suzanne van Noordt (+31648534404)

Any other committee members of the special events committee will also be happy to help.

Total: € –