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Every month, Symposion members gather at the Monthly Drinks to enjoy a free drink of their choice and catch up with another.
Symposion offers more fun educational and non-educational events such as pub-lectures with your favourite philosophy professors, as well as dinners and galas.

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Symposion offers student-led seminars. The students organising these seminars have a passion to teach the philosophies that resonated with them and enjoy embarking on a common pursuit of knowledge. The seminars allow you to explore new corners of philosophy along with students with similar interests.

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Study Trips

Symposion offers the chance for members to form lasting friendships and experience different cultures together during the annual study trip! Previously featuring Budapest and Athens, we offer philosophy students the chance to discover and engage with the local traditions, history, people, food, and much more.

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The events, activities, and benefits offered by Symposion would not be possible without committees of dedicated students who organise and facilitate them.
Every year, the various committees provide members with unforgettable experiences.

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Our partners

All Symposion members get a 15% discount on University textbooks as well as a 10% discount on all other books ordered at INDEX Books.

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