The committees are an integral part of Symposion and the place where our active members help Symposion to organise events, develop new ideas and keep our study association running. Members can join one or more of these committees, developing new skills while having a great time together. Joining a committee is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students and take part in shaping the philosophical community of Symposion!

Every committee consists of a number of members, who are permitted to run a part of our association independently. All committees will have a chair, a secretary, and a treasurer, who are in charge of communication with the board. Almost all committees will be formed at the start of each academic year. In order to explore your options, the board will organise a Committee Market at the beginning of the academic year, where you can get information on all committees. Here, you will be able to talk to members who have helped Symposion last year and you will have the opportunity to sign up to the committee you are interested in!

Committees welcome all experienced and non-experienced members of Symposion.

Activities Committee

The Activity Committee works as a group to create and organize social events for their fellow members. What makes these events stand out is the aim to bring people together through shared interests and passions, while also offering the chance to get together in different and new settings, rather than purely drinking-based or educational. The committee is assigned a set day each month to realize these goals.

From pub quizzes to chess tournaments, the Activities Committee organises engaging events for entertainment, meeting peers, and also just simply winding down. Make new friends with team-events and come sing and dance at the yearly gala – there’s plenty to do and look forward to! So bring your friends, plus one, or come on your own and enjoy nights to look back on with fond memories.

Broadcast Committee

The Broadcast Committee produces media in forms other than the magazine, but similar. This current academic year, we’ve restructured this committee quite a bit. Right now, we’re focussing on creating and putting out monthly newsletters, and restarting the concept of podcasts.

Education Committee

The Education Committee of the Symposion Study Association focuses on a range of education-related events and projects. The committee’s aim is to incorporate in its events the crucial and often-overlooked foundation of doing philosophy, that of combining new philosophical ideas with immediate open discussion. Dialogue is essential because it enhances philosophical ideas: an open thought may be challenged, and hence has far more value and potential than an idea kept hidden.

The Education Committee runs two bimonthly events: Pub Lectures and Philosophy Nights. The committee also organises tutoring for various Leiden University BA Philosophy courses such as Logic and Ethics. And in addition to these core projects, there is still time and energy for some special events, which any committee member can propose to the team! Past instances include projects like Women in Philosophy and the Alumni event.

First Years Weekend Committee

The first years weekend happens at the very start of every academic year, and the First Years Weekend Committee makes this happen. (…)

Magazine Committee

The Eudaimonia magazine committee at Leiden University, part of Symposion, oversees the creation of a magazine promoting student philosophy and creativity. The Eudaimonia magazine committee publishes a biannual edition of their magazine. Comprising a chair, secretary, treasurer, marketing lead, design, editing, and content teams, the committee welcomes contributions from Symposion members. Launch parties introduce each issue, fostering community engagement and inviting participation in magazine-related activities.

Visit the link below to visit our Magazine Archive page.

Merchandise Committee

The Merchandise Committee thinks of ideas of what would constitute nice Symposion Merchandise, they make the designs of the merchandise and makes sure that it gets produced so that members can purchase this merchandise.

Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee organises a trip for a limited amount of members each year. They pick a few places in Europe on which the members can vote, and when a place has been democratically picked the committee will start planning the trip. This includes a place to stay, the plane/train tickets, a small guide + activities and a last supper.

Winter Dinner Committee

The annual winter dinner is planned by the Winter Dinner Committee. This committee thinks of a fun theme for the dinner and a menu. The food is cooked by fellow students and cooks, and anyone who volunteer to help out will be able to attend for free!