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Activity committee

The Activity Committee works as a group to create and organize social events for their fellow members. What makes these events stand out is the aim to bring people together through shared interests and passions, while also offering the chance to get together in different and new settings, rather than purely drinking-based or educational.
The committee is assigned a set day each month to realize these goals.

The key elements for a comfortable and constructive atmosphere within the committee are communication and clarity when it comes to both tasks and personal needs and thoughts. Such communication from the members allows the chair to be responsible for guarding the integrity, well-being and functionality of the committee. 

Every member of the committee plays a specific role to prevent any excessive workload, mental weight or disorientation. Each position is flexible and assigned to a member upon discussion, and personal dispositions and strengths, as well as time and involvement availability are, naturally, taken into account. Members are free to express discomfort with theirs at any time to then arrange a position change during the following meeting.