Study trip 2023

TitleThe Grand Budapest Tour

Subtitle: Study Trip Symposion ‘23

1st of February 2023 – 4th of February 2023

The Study Trip of Symposion ‘23 will be a trip to Budapest, taking place from the 1st of February 2023 until the 4th of February 2023. This is your chance to get to visit Budapest with your fellow philosophers and friends 🙂 

Sign up below to secure your very own ticket for this year’s study trip! This includes travel costs (either plane or train), accommodation costs, public transportation costs in Budapest, our ‘Last Supper’, cultural and educational activities. The full ticket price including plane transport will be 239,99 eur, and the full ticket price including train transport will be 294,99 eur. If you are an international, and choose to organise your own transport (as that may be easier or cheaper for you regarding holidays in your home country), your ticket price will be 139,99 eur, which excludes transport, of course. If you want to arrange your own transport, let us know! We can work something out!

Important to note that the train option is a night train, in which you will get a regular seat.

Important to note that the plane to Budapest leaves on the 1st of February, and that the train leaves in the afternoon/evening of the 31st of January. So, both groups will arrive in Budapest on February 1st.

If we, as the Study Trip committee, are forced to cancel the study trip, we will try to refund you as much as possible. Also keep in mind that if you choose to go by train, you will miss the option to have a club night at the last night, as you will then take the nighttrain. 

Keep in mind that if you (for any reason) would want to cancel your ticket for this year’s study trip, you are responsible for finding someone else to take over your ticket. We, as the study trip committee will try our best to help you find someone to take over your ticket, but we can not guarantee there will be someone to take over your ticket for you. 

If the ticket sale sold out, and you did not get the chance to grab your ticket: fill out the waiting list form below, so you get a place on our waiting list. (

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