old Poscastion episodes

In the year 2020-21 Symposion started its first podcast serie: Podcastion.

This was devided into 2 types of episodes produced by the podcast committee: the student podcast and the professor podcast. The first focusses on discussions between members of the committee and members of the association that have a topic they want to discuss, while the second invites professors over to talk about a personal interest or project with the members of the committee. 

Here below you can find all the episodes.

Professor Episodes

Episode 1:
Interactive Fiction
with Victor Gijsbers

Episode 2:
Counterfactuals and Time Travel
with Rosa Runhardt

Episode 3:
On Asian Representation
with Jingjing Li

Student Episodes

Episode 1:
Why Philosophy?
with Albert Ferkl

Episode 2:
Process Methaphisics
with Kian Shah

Episode 3:
"We are Grapes"
with Nathan Pieterse & Aesha Shark