Our Board

The members of the Symposion Board 2023-2024 are:

Praeses (President)Minke van Dijk

The Praeses is responsible for organising and running the association. The Praeses knows the ins and outs of all the goings-on, and carries out the policy determined by the board and the GMA. The position requires a cool head and diplomatic skills.

Ab Actis (Secretary): Lotte van Abbema

The Ab Actis is responsible for keeping member data up to date, managing venues for board activities, and being a general organisational powerhouse. The position requires excellent organisational skills.

Quaestor (Treasurer): Arno Vos

The Quaestor is responsible for handling the Symposion spendings and earnings. It is their responsibility to know where, why and how money is being spent, and as such also needs to know the ins and outs of the committees, events and any other money-related activities of Symposion. The Quaestor is also responsible for creating the yearly budget presented at the policy & budget GMA. It is a position that requires organisational awareness, economic insight and responsible attitude.

Assessor Intern: Zep Postma

The Assessor Intern is responsible for leading and guiding all the committees. This is a very intensive job, and it requires patience, vision, creativity and diplomacy skills.

Assessor Education: Chiara Trauttmansdorff Weinsberg

The Assessor Education is responsible for chairing the Education Committee, which organizes philosophical activities ranging from student-taught courses to debates between professors in a pub. This Assessor must be sensitive to the diverse educational needs of all Symposion members, and work tirelessly to nourish them, in closest cooperation with Leiden’s Institute for Philosophy itself.

Assessor Extern: Irene Altavilla

The Assessor Extern is responsible for starting and maintaining partnerships and relationships with partners like associations and businesses. The Assessor Extern also carries the responsibility to help organise events. The position requires extensive people skills and a good social compass