Phaedo Seminar

The Phaedo seminar was the first philosophy seminar organized by the Education Committee. 

The Greek and Roman antiquity course gives a thorough understanding of the origins of “philosophy” in the Ancient Greek tradition, with a focus on Plato. The Plato seminar complements this knowledge by delving into one of Plato’s most enchanting dialogues, the Phaedo, in which the eponymous Phaedo of Elis, on his way home from Athens, meets the Pythagorean philosopher Echechrates of Phlius. Phaedo recounts the last moments of the earthly life of Socrates, which the man apparently spent demonstrating that his true life is only just about to begin. Like countless thinkers from pagan, Christian, Islamic, and modern worlds before us, we may also take this scene as a beginning for philosophical life.