Internal Events

Monthly Drinks:

We usually open our monthly activities with the Monthly Drinks. It provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy each other’s company with a few drinks or to get to know each other better.

Movie Night:
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Watch a movie together online! Every month, Symposion organizes a movie night where we enjoy a philosophical or thought-provoking movie together on Netflix (Netflix is required) and discuss it afterwards. Sometimes this is accompanied by a drinking game. The choice of the movie is decided either by the Assessor Intern or via a poll.

Philosophy Night:

By now I hope everyone is familiar with the concept of our Philosophy Nights, if not, here is what it is: Philosophy nights are evening where we remember why we chose philosophy. It’s an evening with discussion and alcohol, just as the did in the old days. A few people who will speak, explain an idea they have, and then a discussion follows. You can sign up to be one of the speakers by e-mailing Symposion. Hope to see you there!

General Meeting:

The general memebers assembly of members, general meeting or ALV is a meeting where members get the chance to speak out their opinions concerning Symposion and provide tips and tricks on how to improve and grow as a student association. A true well informed member of Symposion is always present at the general meeting, so we expect you there since you already read the newsletter, which shows you like to be well informed! There are different kinds of General Meetings spread throughout the year, ranging from General Policy Meeting to General Board Transmission Meeting. All information will be available in the newsletter for every General Meeting.


For all our new members or members who never read the newsletters: Quodlibet is an event where students are invited to ask all sorts of questions ranging from philosophical concerns to life questions and other considerations to a panel of our very own professors.