Lustrum Gala and Toga Party Tickets

Since Symposion turns 20 years old this year, it is high time for a party. In May, Symposion will celebrate its lustrum in a fitting fashion. In the span of two weeks, we will have three different themed parties highlighting 2500 years of philosophical parties.

On May 2nd, the lustrum will be kicked off with a symposium on Plato’s Symposion. Two speakers will share their thoughts on Plato & Love. After cultivating the mind and soul, the clock will be turned back 2500 years with Symposion’s very first toga party. Both the symposium and the toga party will be held at NSL.

For our second event, we will remember the good old days of French existentialism with drinks at jazz bar De Twee Spieghels. The hard reality of the meaninglessness of all our existence will be smoothened by jazz, red wine, turtlenecks and cigarettes. The drinks will be on May 10.

Last but not least, there will be a roaring twenties gala at SSR. Dress up nice and don’t worry about potential stock market crashes while the lustrum ends in a fitting manner on May 12.

💖We hope that you are as excited about the lustrum as we are. Save the dates and await patiently for additional information. We hope to see you there!💖

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