Magazine Committee

Magazine Committee

Symposion’s Magazine Committee focuses on the creation and management of Eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is a magazine made by the philosophy students from Leiden University that aims at promoting the philosophical and creative potential of our students. Each year, the committee is responsible for the creation of the magazine, the selection and editing of materials, the practicalities of the printing process, and the launch of the issue. The magazine wishes to constantly promote the student community while also addressing relevant topics that are of interest to both the university and society in general. Because we want this project to grow and flourish, we are constantly looking for partners that can help us achieve this goal. 

The committee of Eudaimonia is composed of a chair that manages the direction of the magazine, a secretary that ensures coordination and communication, a treasurer that manages our finances, a team of editors and designers and a social media person that keeps our followers updated via our social media accounts. The membership of our committee is always open to the Symposion members that would like to join our magazine project and contribute to its development. This can be done by simply contacting the committee on any of our channels. 

The work of the other committees, together with that of ours, enables us to have a bigger impact on the local community and become a relevant association for philosophy students but also for the university and Leiden as a whole. Eudaimonia is one of the tangible products of Symposion that is materialized through the work of the committee that supervises and makes possible the entire project. Another important component is created by our collaborators and colleagues that provide the materials for each issue that we gladly select and edit. The contents of the magazine vary from short philosophical pieces written in an academic manner, to more creative material such as poems, paintings, and other forms of art. The goal is to combine academic pieces with creative content so that the magazine can be both challenging and entertaining for our readers. Moreover, publishing in the magazine can prove a good experience for the students that wish to get a better understanding of the process of creating a text and having it published. Our editors are glad to offer feedback to the writers and help them improve their texts. As an author or creator, the magazine can be a great outlet to promote your work or simply acquire the experience of publishing. 

Each launch of the magazine is accompanied by a party organized by the committee. The launch party has the role of introducing the issue and its theme to the audience, connecting the committee with the readers. This is a great opportunity for people to meet the committee, find out more about the current issue or the magazine in general, but also join our activities. The committee aims to have a Q&A and short workshops as part of the launch party event. All the Symposion members are invited to come and celebrate with us. Through the magazine and its associated events we hope to offer a glimpse of the experience of a philosophy student at Leiden University. On the other hand, we also wish to make something that has value outside of university and is relevant for our community.


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