Winter Dinner ’23

Winter Dinner ’23

Dear philoso-foes,

As previously communicated, our winter dinner will take place on the 2nd of December and your attendance has been cordially requested.

Our event, Wine, Dine, and Crime, is designed to be of the very best quality. Like so, your ticket is your gateway to our meeting, the price for this fabulous opportunity is €15.

If the price makes you tremble and fear for your wallets, keep in mind that drinks (alcoholic and alcohol free) are under €2 each, with open bar before we shall commence our feast.

That is of course not disclosing the most crucial information, a three-course dinner prepared to suit your particular and individual tastes.
Buy your tickets and enjoy a fine night of dining and conspiring.

X The winter dinner committee

PS: For our interested members, you can apply to be part of our wonderful crew in exchange for a free ticket. A Google Forms will follow for this.

Total: € –